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The URL Shortener can create 1000 new links within a couple of minutes that can automatically redirect to your site.
There are many different link types that the our software can create. However the so called 301 redirect type could be the one everyone is interested in.
It will have over the PR from the domain to your internet site which makes this software so powerful.
Simply submit your new Short-URLs with your much-loved SEO tool such as GSA Search Engine Ranker.

Use the power of GSA URL Redirect PRO and stop fearing another google update.
Stop wasting money shopping for strong domains to use your own 301 redirects for your SEO. Just GSA URL Redirect PRO for your needs.

The particular database and the software itself is updated on a regular basis and new websites are probably added while you are reading this.
All of the updates are free as well as the license you get lasts a life time (one PC usage).


  • use as many threads as you want
  • no web browser is used in background (safe and secure)
  • very fast as you can apply as many threads as you like/your Computer can handle
  • over 1000 internet sites in database and growing
  • automatically send created URLs to 15 different indexing services
  • save URLs and use them with your favourite applications like GSA Search Engine Ranker
  • free updates a life time
  • one time fee license
  • super easy to use

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